tisdag 13 januari 2015


I was trying to make a nice text to one of my moon-pictures. :)

3000 visitors

From the start of this blog summer -13, this site has had over 3000 visitors! That´s inspiring, thank you so much! :)

lördag 3 januari 2015

Happy new Year 2015

Happy new year to you all! I´m updating the blog with the last pics that I took från last year. Sounds dramatical, but it´s not. We still have snow in Finland, although we had some rainy, quite warmer days, until we got the cold back.

I hope I would get more time this year to update the blog more often and take some new challenges with photographing.
If you want to see more pictures, or follow me on another webpage, you can also find my pics on Pinterest (just search for daylighthopeful.blogspot.fi)!

Take care!

torsdag 25 december 2014

Merry Christmas

Hello! I hope you have had/are having a good Christmas. Here are some december pictures to share with you. Also, I was trying to photograph something diffrerent from what I normally photograph: the moon.

söndag 16 november 2014

These are my favourites...

Thanks for checking in on my blog! It´s nice to see that viewers from Finland and other countries are coming here for a visit. There are actually many American viewers who checks this site, so that´s nice. Welcome back again! :)

The snow came...and melted away. That´s kind of typical weather for Finnish snow before Christmas. But here are some of my favourite pics through the years, that I want to share here with you.