Summa sidvisningar

tisdagen den 15:e april 2014

Today´s newspaper

One of my photos was published in the newspaper Österbottens tidning today (15.4.2014).
That made my day a lot :)

lördagen den 22:e mars 2014

Morning Glory...

Good morning, Jeppis! Went on a morning stroll through town and passed the soccer area. Soon it will be summer and soccer games again here :) Can´t wait! :)

lördagen den 15:e mars 2014

Tonight´s concert

I went tonight to Betania church in Jakobstad, where a concert were held by the FKF choir (Fria Kristliga Folkhögskolan, Vasa) together with the solo singer/author Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base) and her husband Jakob Petrén. Great concert with good musicians! The songs were mixed from gospel to pop songs, and Jenny told a lot of her life during the songs. Here are my concert pictures!

Greetings from the cold and windy forest somewhere in Jakobstad...

..with a little touch of snow for about three minutes. Do you see it? :)