Summa sidvisningar

söndag 16 november 2014

These are my favourites...

Thanks for checking in on my blog! It´s nice to see that viewers from Finland and other countries are coming here for a visit. There are actually many American viewers who checks this site, so that´s nice. Welcome back again! :)

The snow came...and melted away. That´s kind of typical weather for Finnish snow before Christmas. But here are some of my favourite pics through the years, that I want to share here with you.

onsdag 5 november 2014

Welcome snow

My husband and I were watching through the livingroom window one morning. And suddenly I said:
- I don´t know about you, but every time I look at a landscape and just watch the trees, the sky, everything...I suddenly realize so many things in life. I even find out solutions to problems just like that.
And my husband said:
- I do it too.
- Really?
- Yeah, it´s like I find a peace just watching the nature. It´s calm and peaceful.

Last night it started to snow a lot in Pedersöre and when we woke up next morning, not only the electricity was gone. The whole area was filled with thick snow. On the afternoon, I went for a photoshoot since the weather was so great. I´m thankful for sunshine. :)

lördag 25 oktober 2014

October pictures 2014

Sauli the cat

This familymember is not always fond of being a photomodel, but he makes good impressions on photos which is adorable. Here is Sauli the cat: